This is the official internet presence of the Lusaka East Mission District of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Central Zambia Conference territory, Zambia.

We are committed to providing you with a Bible based Christian experience, as we prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Use this site to know more about us and our church services etc.

LUSAKA EAST DISTRICT is composed of eleven congregations; namely; Chitukuko(with Valley View[small congregation]) with membership of 1371 , Hellen Kaunda with membership of 305 Kalingalinga with membership of 831, Kalikiliki with membership of 255, Mass media with membership of 870, Mtendere Main with membership of 1159, Mtendere South with membership of 309, and Palabana (with Mapiri and Lufutuko companies[small congregations]) with membership of 615. Total Lusaka East District as of 31st December 2011 is 5314. The district covers the Mtendere, Kalingalinga, Mapuloti surburbs and Palabana farm land. 


The District Management

Name: Pastor Aswel Kalela

Position: District Pastor

Cell Number:+260977-465620

Cell Number:+260967-465620

Email: kalelaaswell@yahoo.com

Name:  Shepherd Mutakwa

Position: District Secretary

Cell Number: +260967-780664





Name: Bernard Tembo

Position: ASS. District Secretary

Cell: +260965-302121


Email: tembobernard@yahoo.com

Name: Wise Sibindi

Position:District Treasurer

Cell Number:+260977-896444

Email: sibindw@motormart.com.zm


Website Administrator


Name: Biness Chansa

Position: Vice Com. Leader

Cell Number: +260966/955-598387

Email: bchansa@live.com

Name: Derrick J. Muneene

Cell Number: 0977120679, 0977770607

Email: djmuneene@hotmail.com

Name: Joe Phiri

Cell Number: 0979419665

Email: phirijoe26@yahoo.com


District Photo Album

Sabbath Time


Place: Lusaka, Zambia

Start: 05:54 PM, 07/25/2014

End: 05:54 PM, 07/26/2014


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